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Connect to two accounts for instant messaging apps, receive messages and chat with friends on one device!
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May 7, 2020
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Connect to two accounts for instant messaging apps, receive messages and chat with friends on one device!
Play games with two accounts, and keep them online simultaneously for dual purpose and experiences! Enjoy several fun!
Easy to manage multiple social network accounts, separate professional and personal life.

Do Multiple powered by River Stone Tech, with the lightest and most powerful cloning engine, can help you clone your application in another separate parallel space. In addition, Do Multiple can help you manage notifications from the cloned application and provide a Privacy Locker function to protect the cloned application. It also provided Lite mode to optimize memory and battery usage for cloned applications.

Do Multiple is compatible with most instant messaging, gaming and social networking applications. Google Play services are supported and you can connect to your Google Play games or other services of your clones.

★ Connect to your multiple messaging, gaming and social applications
• Balance your life and work easily with multiple accounts.
• Double game accounts and double fun.
• Data from clones and original applications are separated

★ Quickly switch between two accounts with one click
• Run two accounts simultaneously and will create icons with cloning tags.

★ Privacy Locker to protect your cloned account

★ Lite mode for optimal power and memory efficiency

★ Notification setting to manage notification of clones

• Authorizations: Several applications themselves require few authorizations, but the Multiple option must apply many authorizations in advance for cloning applications. Please grant these permissions to Do Multiple to avoid malfunctions or crashes when running clones.
• Consumption: Do Multiple itself does not consume too much memory, battery or data, which is actually consumed by the applications which are executed there.
• Notifications: whitelist Do Multiple in the notification settings of your system.
• Privacy Locker: Sometimes you may not see that Privacy Locker does not appear, even if you have activated the clone. Check if you have granted Do Multiple permission to display the window on top of other applications in the permissions control of your system.

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